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Meet our Staff

At Sakata Mortgage, our team consists of experienced professionals committed to streamlining your mortgage experience.

Our Team

Collaboration Drives Success

At Sakata Mortgage, our devoted team of experts is wholeheartedly committed to walking you through every phase of your mortgage journey. With a diverse array of skills and a customer-centered approach, our staff is here to offer tailored solutions that address your individual financial requirements.

Judy C. Sakata
Judy C. Sakata
NMLS 367645

Founder/Senior loan officer


[email protected]

Sandy Tang
Sandy Tang

Portfolio Specialist

832-365-4600 X1203

[email protected]

Landy Banh

Judy C Sakata's Assistant

832-365-4600 X1206

[email protected]

Joanna Chao
Joanna Chao

HR/Marketing Dept.

832-365-4600 X1204

[email protected]

Seamless Home Financing Partners

At Sakata Mortgage, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to simplifying your mortgage journey. With expertise in loan selection and seamless processing, we’re here to make your home financing experience efficient and stress-free.

Our Vision

Make housing finance accessible and convenient for all, empowering them to achieve homeownership dreams.

Our Mission

Prioritize service quality and customer satisfaction, delivering an efficient, fast, and hassle-free mortgage experience.

Our Motto

Unlock Homeownership Dreams Together. Provide innovative, affordable, and tailored housing finance solutions that meet clients' needs.

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Connect with Sakata Mortgage: Your Gateway to Homeownership

At Sakata Mortgage, we’re here to guide you through the path to homeownership. Our dedicated team simplifies the process, offering tailored solutions whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to refinance, making your dream home more achievable.